Organisational Constellations
22 September 2023

“I found this systemic approach invaluable. Nicola supported me in my wish to hand over the organisation to new leadership with as little disruption as possible.”    Lisa Garson | Founder, Action Volunteers Africa

Have you ever used a coffee cup, the spoon and a saucer to explain something to a friend? That’s a constellation. It draws on gestalt theory and its roots are entwined with African knowledge systems. Drawing on our innate sensing capabilities (you might surprise yourself), constellations help individuals and teams make tricky situations explicit and malleable without too much talk. Here’s a brief overview of the formal constellation process by John Whittington of Henley Business School.

Highly suited to diversity and inclusion work, constellations deepen enquiry into issues of leadership, strategy, structure and change. When working with organisations, we focus on roles and functions; in individual leadership and personal work, the session may consider personal, family and ancestral relationships. All constellations are confidential.

Sessions may be in person or online, using the platform developed by the Feld Institut in Germany. Please explore options with Nicola.

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