Boards, executive committees, sustainability teams and others, from a range of organisations

Systemic coaching for teams and committees

Organisations are open systems: permeable and unpredictable. Stakeholders matter. Organisations can be fraught at times, but they are how we get big things done. Systemic processes provide a safe space to reveal and work effectively with limitations: within our team, in external relationships and beyond.

Using systemic constellations, Incite facilitators helped a Board of Medical Professionals reshape their relationship to South Africa’s health needs. We’ve helped employees of a large mining company better understand the dynamics of their housing policy. A multinational consumer goods company found it easier to reflect on the barriers to change and sustainability inherent in its culture. A local not-for-profit understood why their vision was not working. We explored the food-water-energy nexus with stakeholders from government, NGOs and business. And more.

Taking time to explore dynamics and tricky relationships helps to avoid their inclination to assert themselves at the least convenient time.