Why systemic coaching?
30 April 2020

Systemic coaching helps individuals or teams address problems by considering the bigger system. We ask why things are the way they are. Because complex systems are sensitive to initial conditions, we reflect on what happened before.  In addressing an issue, we consider three systemic principles: order, belonging and exchange:
* The CEO of a small IT company drew from wilderness practice to inform his leadership
* The founder of an innovative development agency was able to see how she could transition beyond the organisation
* The founder of a US-based health institute developed the personal strength to support the well-being of many
* An academic, writer and activist worked with black identity and belonging to find her place at a leading academic institution.


Inspired by insights from Donella Meadows to Bert Hellinger, Nora Bateson and Dave Snowden, we call it the work that connects. To chat about systemic coaching, please contact Nicola at

Photo by Victor Hernandez on Unsplash

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