Dynamic Thinking Partners
27 August 2020

“Your passion for creating Shared Value is infectious. Having access to your knowledge and experience has boosted my own learning, and made crafting our roadmap much clearer.” Yvette Steyn  | Growth & Innovation Lead, Distell Group

Thinking Partnerships provide expert support on Sustainability integration whenever you need it and whatever the topic. They connect your deep granular insight on the business with an Incite Partner’s broad experience across many companies and sectors. Getting traction on sustainability transition requires courage and relentless honesty – about ourselves, our organisations and everything in-between. Tailored to specific needs and contexts, we contract with individuals (often Lead Practitioners) or any sustainability-related team in the organisation (which is pretty much any team these days). Our Thinking Partners have more than 20 years of experience and draw on the latest sustainability theory, methods and tools. Working with Incite thinking partners:

  • Distell explored how Shared Value could form the basis of a local brand
  • Hyprop REIT enhanced ESG integration into corporate disclosure
  • Tiger Brands focused their strategic investment in the sustainability space
  • MMH accelerated sustainability integration into core business strategy.

Thinking Partnerships are agile, affordable and the experience stays in the organisation. They can be adapted to focus on any aspects of sustainability practice. please contact Nicola to discuss your needs.

Photo cropped from original by Sylvain Mauroux on Unsplash

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