Sustainability / ESG Integration
6 August 2022

“Putting Shared Value into practice helped TFG boost speed-to-market and capacity, while creating jobs in a rural area and the economy as a whole.” Graham Choice | Head of Design, Manufacturing and Prestige Clothing at TFG

Many organisations struggle to integrate Sustainability thinking and ESG considerations into competitive strategy and the functions and operations required to deliver it. It requires the ability to engage effectively on sustainability issues with any team in the organisation: from Exco to marketing, to finance, and operations. Integration is not an overnight thing. Our approach has been honed by working with half the top 100 companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. We’ll work alongside you and your team to make integration a tangible reality. Using Incite’s facilitators, tools and processes:

  • Global leaders such as Anglo American and Discovery have developed decision-making frameworks for Sustainability
  • Listed corporations (e.g.MMH), family businesses (e.g. Freddy Hirsch) and state-owned companies (e.g. Telkom) have identified Profit-Enabled Impact opportunities to scale or accelerate their delivery of societal value.
  • Foundations (e.g. Nedbank Foundation) have explored how strategic CSI can support the delivery of social value at scale.

Your company has a unique pathway to scaling social and environmental impact through the core business model. We’ll work with you to find it and make it happen. Email us to discuss your needs.

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