Incite’s inaugural practitioner retreat
14 September 2022

Long in the murmuring, it’s finally happening. Our first Practitioner Dialogue and Retreat will be on 27-29 October at the historic Mont Fleur, Stellenbosch. (Do you remember the Mont Fleur Scenarios that sketched stories of South Africa’s possible future in 1992?). If you are reading this, please join us! You are a sustainability practitioner.

The 2.5 day in-person event targets senior practitioners who have been grappling with the uphills, downhills and ineffabilities of this field for a few years. The Chatham House Rule will apply. We will speak openly about what it’s like to be practitioners in a time of accelerating pressure, risk and opportunity. In a field that is still forming. Where many of our organisational colleagues hold wildly different ideas on what it’s about. Where ideas may be underpinned by worldviews often held unconsciously – our own as much as our colleagues. We will explore what works for us; what we’d like to see more of and less of; and whatever comes to mind.

Topics are arriving from signed up participants – most of whom lead the sustainability transition for their companies (primarily large corporates across all sectors and already our valued clients). Examples include:

  • Approaches and tools that work in the face of complexity
  • The slow pace of leadership change (in mindset / worldview and/or position)
  • The growing breadth of the Sustainability / Just Transition Agenda with teams the same size or shrinking…
  • The challenge of self-proclaimed ESG experts – where a little knowledge is usually dangerous
  • The Data Divide… everyone wants ESG data but what to track – and who should track it – is a lot less clear
  • The difference between standardised disclosures and strategic indicators
  • The question of culture
  • Practitioner burnout (need I say more?)

And so on – no topic too big or too small. These will feed a programme of:

  • Open / lightly facilitated discussions
  • Possible inputs where appropriate
  • Participative processes, etc.

We’re adding a sprinkle of (optional) embodied practices from our personal experience – trail running, breathing, Qi Gong, wilderness work, good food… okay, the last one is Mont Fleur’s contribution, along with serene space and fresh mountain air.

It all leads to a space for dialogue, enquiry, playful explorations and solution-seeking.

What else is there to do? A few places remaining. Contact Nicola at

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