What we do

Sustainability is about our ability to make better decisions in relation to society and nature. Sure, these are all complex systems, but leading complexity scientist Dave Snowden calls complexity the “science of common sense”.

Sustainability requires the capabilities and insights of every team and individual, including stakeholders beyond the organisation. Because (genuine) diversity counts, our facilitated conversations, bespoke trainings and retreats are inclusive, accessible and informed by recent developments in cognitive neuroscience and knowledge management.

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“It’s been fantastic. I could carry on all night. ” Senior Analyst at Just Share, at the end of a full-day facilitated strategy review.

In traditional Africa, leadership was dialogic and collective; the shade of the Big Tree made conversation possible no matter how heated the subject. Effective dialogue plays a critical role in Sustainability integration, supporting transition, at any level of the organisation, and beyond.

Incite facilitators also bring 20+ years of sustainability experience to support your team or delegates. We’ve helped:

  • Shareholder activists Just Share conduct a strategic review with their board and team
  • The Global Reporting Initiative scale leadership dialogues across the Middle East and North Africa region
  • Shell and Deutsche Bank engage stakeholders more effectively.

To ensure effective participation, Incite facilitators use embodied and systemic processes, including Constellation work.

Photo by Etienne Steenkamp on Unsplash.


Incite practitioners are always up for starting, convening or joining a sustainability-related conversation. We speak our minds and debate with requisite respect and humour as far as possible. Although Jonathon does most of our heavy lifting in this space, we have a core commitment to fostering greater alignment between business and the not-for-profit sector. In pursuit of this goal, we are open to discuss your ideas. In the recent past, we have:

  • Delivered challenging keynotes e.g. for PPS, Woolies, Anglo American and the Green Building Convention.
  • Designed and facilitated sustainability-related events e.g. Global CSR retreats in Geneva and Bangkok for UNCTAD and GIZ
  • Facilitated expert discussions and academic engagements e.g. for Paris-based UNEP Industry and Environment Centre and UNRISD
  • Moderated at conferences e.g for the Global Child Forum’s business partnership conference, hosted by Nedbank, together with the Global Compact Network South Africa and CRES (Corporate Responsibility to Eliminate the Sale of Children).

In 2005, Jonathon led the global multi-stakeholder negotiations for the development of the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility. The process secured consensus – from more than 450 experts, 95 countries and 45 global organisations – on the principles and guidance for organisational governance, human rights, fair labour practices, the environment and consumer rights.


“Thank you for another outstanding workshop. You pulled together great minds to explore the issues we are working towards and provided useful tools with which to approach them.”
Vanessa Calvert | Partnerships Manager, Plan International Australia

Across Africa, Oceania, the European Union and Middle East, Incite has been training companies and teams on ESG and Sustainability since 2005. Our first Sustainability Practitioner Retreat, held in 2022, was a great experience all round. Our engagements with specific organisations are tailored to learning needs. They are highly participative and often called ‘inspirational’. We contribute to Executive Education and MBA programmes – currently working with UCT’s Graduate School of Business, Trinity College Dublin and University of Stellenbosch Business School. Jonathon and Nicola are both Senior Associates of the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Practice. Over the years, we’ve come to love training and conversations more than anything. Please contact nicola@incite.co.za for details of master classes, open courses and retreats .


Innovating at the ESG intersect requires contributions from genuinely diverse perspectives. Incite’s approach to ideation analyses patterns of profit-led ESG (aka Shared Value) to help individuals and teams across the organisation meet the sustainability innovation challenge. We believe it’s the fastest route to accelerated understanding of sustainability integration. By making sense of the patterns already finding traction in the field, and within your value chain, people from across the organisation develop their ability to recognise opportunities more quickly. Again and again. Ideator can be used with any team for general awareness or as an always-on inclusive ideation catalyst. It can also be used to identify ideas for testing for a particular initiative e.g new acquisition, brand-building or optimisation.

Using Incite’s Ideator:

  • Training teams at Namdeb competed to find profit-led ESG opportunities across their value chain
  • Online teams at Distell explored how scaled social impact could hep them build better brands
  • Hundreds of delegates at University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), UCT’s Graduate School of Business and Trinity Business College, Dublin have focused their attention on innovations that drive transformative change.

We’ve successfully transitioned Ideator to digital, but we still prefer it in physical space.