What we do

Incite advisors help you align strategy and reporting to purpose

When we’ve worked out why we exist – for now – we have a resource of potential value. The positive impact of purpose on performance has been widely validated, with recent research showing its value increasing during the uncertainty of crisis. It may be that organisations that are clear about their purpose find the courage to embrace the complexities of today.

But this won’t just happen by penning a pithy purpose statement. A resource delivers only if we bring it into our game. Turning purpose into performance and resilience requires discipline. With practice, discipline can unleash creativity. If we genuinely want to scale this way of working, everything starts to shift: the way we strategise, learn, innovate, structure and engage. Taken seriously, purpose redefines accountability and reporting.

At the core of purpose is relationship: with ourselves, our stakeholders and the world at large. Relationships are not easy. In learning to navigate turbulence, purpose-oriented organisations develop a deep understanding of who they are and which way is forward.

Do you need a thinking partner or team support on purpose-oriented strategy and its activation across the business? Let’s chat.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Coordinates the UN’s environmental activities, providing implementation assistance to developing countries

Between 2005 and 2010, Incite was commissioned to undertaken various projects for UNEP’s Paris-based Industry and Environment Centre. These included contributing to panel discussions and initiatives on corporate sustainability reporting, undertaking a comprehensive global study on the development of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) indicators, and completing a review on Industry Sectoral Approaches and Climate Action in the run-up to the COP-15 Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Terra Group – Mauritius
A leading Mauritian business, active in sugar, energy, brands, and property development

Established in Mauritius 180 years ago, Terra is one of the major players in the country’s sugar cane sector, with related activities in energy production, alcohol distillation and distribution, and property and leisure development. Following a training and materiality process with their executive team, Incite was appointed to assist Terra in producing their first integrated report, one of the first such reports in Mauritius. We are currently working with Terra on their stakeholder engagement activities.