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Supporting better sustainability practice

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges have become more complex, pervasive and pressing. As stakeholder expectations increase, companies are enhancing their ESG practice in three key areas: strategy, metrics and disclosure. By integrating these practices, organisations consistently act with greater awareness and focus at the sustainability edge, their interface with society and environment. In the short term, this improves their investor ESG ratings and access to capital. In the medium term, they build capabilities that enhance innovation and resilience. Incite provides you access to technical skills and cross-functional experience in each area. As thinking partners, analysts or writers, we’ll help you deliver effective ESG insight, strategy, metrics and integrated reports. And we’ll stay the distance to support you through implementation.

Kumba Iron Ore
South African based iron ore mining company

Incite assisted in structuring and writing the Integrated and/or Sustainability Reports for five of the Top 10 winners of the EY Integrated Reporting Awards in 2020 (Kumba, Vodacom, Implats, Oceana, Anglo American Platinum). We have previously worked with a further three of the Top 10 winners (Nedbank, Netcare and Sasol).

Underpinning any meaningful reporting process is the active involvement of the executive team, and their willingness to engage in frank discussion with external stakeholders. Incite has advised Kumba on their reporting process since 2015. In addition to assisting with structure and writing, we facilitate two process elements that are critical to accountable reporting: a participative materiality discussion with the executive team, and a dialogue with key external stakeholders.

Anglo American plc
Multinational diversified mining company, listed in London and Johannesburg

In providing strategic advisory to the Anglo American Group for over a decade, we’re clear that our role is not to “do” strategy, but to support the internal team responsible for driving it. Most recently, we facilitated a thinking space for developing a new Sustainability Strategy and Global Stretch Goals. We’ve previously provided guidance on the Climate Change Strategy for Anglo American Coal, and Incite director, Jonathon Hanks, has served on expert advisory panels for Anglo American plc and Anglo American Platinum. We’ve helped to draft Anglo American’s Group Sustainability and Transformation Reports since 2010.

Oceana Group
Africa’s largest fishing company, and one of the top 10 seafood companies in the world by market capitalisation

Since its establishment as a small canning company on the west coast of South Africa one hundred years ago, Oceana has grown into the continent’s largest fishing group, involved in mid-water trawling (horse mackerel), deep-sea trawling (hake), and inshore fishing for pelagic fish. In support of their stated core purpose of “efficiently converting global fishing resources into shared value”, Incite has been providing advisory services to the Group since 2013, helping with their award-winning integrated reporting activities, as well as with elements of their sustainability communication and performance.

Pick n Pay Group
South African based grocery, clothing and general merchandise retailer, with operations in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland and Lesotho

Our decade-long partnership with Pick n Pay spans strategy, training, reporting and employee engagement. We continue to engage with key practitioners and managers, as well as assisting with their sustainability reporting process. We were delighted when Incite intern Zandile Nkala was offered a job as Sustainability Manager at Pick n Pay in 2013. PnP executives and staff support Incite by providing interviews and insights for our research.

Nedbank Foundation
Managing the CSI spend of one of South Africa’s largest banks

Incite’s relationship with Nedbank Group spans more than a decade. We facilitate a periodic thinking space for the corporate sustainability team, reflecting on progress, frustrations and new opportunities. At a recent breakaway, we introduced the Nedbank Foundation team to Shared Value Innovator. By deepening their understanding of Shared Value patterns, they brought a new perspective to their allocation of CSI funds. (Photo credit: Tayla Kohler on Unsplash)

Mondi SA Forests
South African forestry business of international packaging and paper group Mondi plc

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, said management guru Peter Drucker. With this in mind, the WWF-Mondi Wetlands Programme team were prepared to ask some tough questions about their progress over the past 20 years. Incite facilitators were engaged to solicit frank input from a cross-section of executives and managers. Using these candid insights, we helped the team think through narratives and options to support the sustainability culture at Mondi Forests.

Leading JSE-listed retailer with well-known brands, including FOSCHINI, @home, DUESOUTH and STERNS

Our strategic partnership with TFG has supported the sustainability team’s thinking and action since 2011. We helped them expand their strategic focus beyond managing ESG risks to exploring profit-led social impact. In 2017, TFG opened their quick response manufacturing facility in Caledon, delivering on their Shared Value commitment to local supply chain development. “Putting Shared Value into practice helped TFG boost speed-to-market and capacity, while creating jobs in a rural area and the economy as a whole.” Graham Choice, Head of Design, TFG Manufacturing and Prestige Clothing. Our current engagement provides an agile thinking partnership, supporting the sustainability team in strategy, metrics and disclosure.

Photo credit: Marcus Loke on Unsplash.

Multinational brewing and beverage company, rooted in South Africa

In 2017, we worked with practitioners and senior managers to reposition Distell’s sustainability strategy, aligning it with opportunities in the core business. The process brought together interested parties from across the business to define possibilities, commitments and metrics.  With clarity on the strategy, team coaching helped Distell identify small changes in the operating system to support implementation.

German development agency providing services in international development cooperation

GIZ operates a powerful network fostering development cooperation in Africa and across the globe. The Competence Center for Cooperation with the Private Sector (SA) applies particularly innovative approaches to driving positive impact. Incite supported GIZ with Shared Value training (piloted in Berlin). Further engagement involved market analysis and stakeholder engagement to strengthen cooperation with the private sector in South Africa.

(Photo credit: Cytonn Photography on Unsplash)

Investec Asset Management
International business, managing over $141 billion for global clients

How might climate change impact your investment portfolio? In 2011-2012, we partnered with UK-based consultancy Irbaris to help Investec’s asset managers and research team consider the implications of climate change for ten key sectors in South Africa. We engaged leading South African climate change experts on the anticipated physical and policy impacts of climate change Our one-to-one discussions with Investec’s lead sector-analysts helped to focus a consistent, analytical approach to climate change for this global asset management company.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Coordinates the UN’s environmental activities, providing implementation assistance to developing countries

Between 2005 and 2010, Incite was commissioned to undertaken various projects for UNEP’s Paris-based Industry and Environment Centre. These included contributing to panel discussions and initiatives on corporate sustainability reporting, undertaking a comprehensive global study on the development of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) indicators, and completing a review on Industry Sectoral Approaches and Climate Action in the run-up to the COP-15 Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Terra Group – Mauritius
A leading Mauritian business, active in sugar, energy, brands, and property development

Established in Mauritius 180 years ago, Terra is one of the major players in the country’s sugar cane sector, with related activities in energy production, alcohol distillation and distribution, and property and leisure development. Following a training and materiality process with their executive team, Incite was appointed to assist Terra in producing their first integrated report, one of the first such reports in Mauritius. We are currently working with Terra on their stakeholder engagement activities.