What we do

We support leaders, teams and practitioners through thinking partnerships (experienced practitioners) and mentorships (foundational guidance). Practitioner coaching helps sustainability practitioners develop leadership skills. Online or in-person organisational constellations help deepen enquiry into questions of culture, strategy, structures and innovation in support of a broader transformation. Nature-based coaching for individuals or groups is undertaken in wilderness (Cape Peninsula area).


“I found this systemic approach invaluable. Nicola supported me in my wish to hand over the organisation to new leadership with as little disruption as possible.”    Lisa Garson | Founder, Action Volunteers Africa

Have you ever used a coffee cup, a spoon and a saucer to explain something to a friend? That’s a constellation. Drawing on our innate ability to sense dynamics between things (you might surprise yourself), constellations look at leadership, strategy, structure and change, making tricky situations explicit and more malleable without all the talk. Here’s an overview of the process by John Whittington of Henley Business School. When working with organisational teams, we focus on roles and functions; when working with individuals, the session may include personal, family and ancestral relationships. All constellations are confidential.

In person or using the online platform developed by the Feld Institut in Germany. Contact Nicola.

Sometimes the last thing we need is more information, tools or workshops. We want something that reminds us why we came to this work in the first place. Thinking-in-Nature helps sustainability leaders, practitioners or teams expand their cognitive capabilities in wilderness areas within the Cape Peninsula (Glencairn, Cape Peninsula National Park, Silvermine Nature Reserve). Please contact Nicola.

Photo of Venus Pools, Cape Peninsula National Park, by Lisa Garson.

This kind of coaching integrates the professional journey with the journey within. It is not easy, but immensely rewarding. I’d recommend it to any practitioner who wants to stop drowning and start swimming. Sustainability Lead, Financial services sector

Take passionate practitioners, intractable challenges and organisational inertia. Blend, then turn up the heat. While burnout can be acute, it’s more commonly felt as a spiral into apathy and depression. Whatever organisation we work for, it can’t afford this and neither can we. Practitioner coaching recognises that practitioners are people too. We are complex and adaptable and arrive in our jobs with personalities and a past. Most of us are here to make the world a better place. Sometimes, that starts with taking ourselves as seriously as we take our work. Chat to Nicola to explore whether this might be what you are looking for.

Anglo American, Distell, Freddy Hirsch, Hyprop, Pepkor, TFG and others
For organisations based, operating or interested in Africa

“Your passion for creating Shared Value is infectious. Having access to your knowledge and experience has boosted my own learning, and made crafting our roadmap much clearer.” Yvette Steyn  | Growth & Innovation Lead, Distell Group

Thinking Partnerships provide expert support on Sustainability integration whenever you need it and whatever the topic. They connect your deep granular insight on the business with an Incite Partner’s broad experience across many companies and sectors. Getting traction on sustainability transition requires courage and relentless honesty – about ourselves, our organisations and everything in-between. Tailored to specific needs and contexts, we contract with individuals (often Lead Practitioners) or any sustainability-related team in the organisation (which is pretty much any team these days). Our Thinking Partners have more than 20 years of experience and draw on the latest sustainability theory, methods and tools. Working with Incite thinking partners:

  • Distell explored how Shared Value could form the basis of a local brand
  • Hyprop REIT enhanced ESG integration into corporate disclosure
  • Tiger Brands focused their strategic investment in the sustainability space
  • MMH accelerated sustainability integration into core business strategy.

Thinking Partnerships are fleaible, affordable and the experience stays in the organisation. They can be adapted to focus on any aspects of sustainability practice. Contact Nicola for more info.

Photo cropped from original by Sylvain Mauroux on Unsplash

For leaders of all ages who want to bring change

Mainstreaming has brought new entrants into the sustainability field. Some are expanding their professional focus, others are recently qualified. Everyone’s insights are important in sustainability. Mentorship offers a regular space to connect with experienced Incite practitioners, providing a great way to fast-track your capabilities and effectiveness. Mentorship is online and flexible, typically requiring an hour every two weeks. It is available to individuals and groups. Please contact Nicola at nicola@incite.co.za to discuss your needs.

Photo: Graduates from Action Volunteers Africa, a development NGO based in Cape Town, attended a group mentorship session that explored their innate ability to work with complexity.