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Supporting executives and teams at the ESG interface

If you seek better decisions and action at your organisation’s interface with society or nature, you are a sustainability practitioner. In this space, issues are complex; the challenges raw. At times, edges blur: between the organisation and its value chain; between the personal and the organisational. By navigating boundaries – personal, organisational, and beyond – leaders and teams access the power they need to guide organisational shifts. Whether you’re a social evolutionary or revolutionary, an established team or a temporary crew, our systemic coaches can work with you and your potential.

Today’s sustainability leaders stand at a window of opportunity in a vast sea of turbulence. As old paradigms crumble, leadership demands a special kind of fitness. Following three-months of weekly coaching, a senior sustainability professional from the financial services sector writes:

This kind of coaching integrates the professional journey with the journey within. It is not easy, but immensely rewarding. I’d recommend it to any practitioner who wants to start swimming in the hot mess this space can be, instead of constantly drowning in it.

How do we step up to our task with authentic power and wholehearted commitment? How do we sustain our energy when our organisation does not share or even understand our perspective? Incite coaches will meet you where you are and seek the way forward together. Please contact Nicola at nicola@incite.co.za.

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Action Volunteers Africa
Leaders of all ages who want to bring change

As sustainability practice becomes more distributed, teams across the business engage with new ways of thinking. As we respond to disruption, new cross-functional crews emerge to address unexpected challenges. Whether formally trained in ‘sustainability’ or not, every team has unique and important perspectives to contribute to the sustainability effort. Team coaching can align understanding, integrate capabilities and sustain the critical diversity of views.

  • Teams from Oceana Group used breath-based techniques to work with the stress of the pandemic.
  • Young members of Action Volunteers Africa explored indigenous African approaches to power – practices their grandparents might have shared.
  • Using wilderness immersion, a leadership team from the ICT sector explored reconnection to access new insights.
  • Systemic simulations provide another valuable tool to support the team coaching process.

Using embodied processes, Incite team coaches work with any group that strives for authenticity and presence in solving society’s intractable challenges. Please contact Nicola at nicola@incite.co.za to discuss your needs.

Boards, executive committees, sustainability teams and others

In complex systems, there is no recipe for the way forward. Organisations – comprised of people with their own ideas, intentions and identities – are no exception. We can explore possibilities by charting and simulating elements of an organisational system to enhance functionality or value flow. By setting up representatives for organisational elements – an individual, a board committee, a market segment, a new policy – and creating rapid feedback mechanisms, we can use small safe-to-fail experiments to help us understand shifting relationships, explore limiting tensions or seek solutions to challenges.  Simulations can be run with an individual (using objects to represent elements) or a group (often using participants as representatives). Highly participative and possible in a single two-hour session, Incite’s systemic simulations have helped:

  • A Board of Medical Professionals realign their relationship to South Africa’s health needs
  • A senior manager at a large mining company understand why their housing policy was not acceptable
  • A leading global consumer goods company reflect on barriers to change in its culture
  • Stakeholders from government, NGOs and business explore the food-water-energy nexus.

“I found this systemic approach invaluable. Nicola supported me in my wish to hand over the organisation to new leadership with as little disruption as possible.”    Lisa Garson | Founder, Action Volunteers Africa

Please contact Nicola at nicola@incite.co.za to discuss how a systemic simulation might support you or your team.