What we do

Incite’s systemic coaches will help you and your team be bold. Social change-makers use energy to catalyse change. To deepen this ability, we need to reflect. We open outwards to feedback or draw inwards to access intuitive intelligence. We seek grounding in wild nature and community. In this personal space, as individuals or teams, we see the big picture. We embody the change we want to bring about. A facilitator or coach can help you reach further below the surface and back again. Contact us to discuss how systemic work might support your personal or organisational goals.


People who feel the pull

Incite coaches have worked with change-makers at the top of their game, exploring the bottom and in-between. We’ve helped others find a new game. Our systemic coaching helped the founder of a development agency ease her transition beyond the organisation. The founder of a US health institute build her ability to support the well-being of many. An executive of a family-owned business separate personal from organisational dynamics. The CEO of an IT company re-connect with wild nature. A writer and activist work with identity and belonging. From our perspective, it is all the work that connects. The greatest organisations amount to little if their people are not able to be bold, themselves. And connected.

Boards, executive committees, sustainability teams and others, from a range of organisations

Organisations are open systems: permeable, unpredictable, connected. Goals are contingent and negotiated. Stakeholders matter. Organisations get a little fraught at times, but they are how we do things best. Systemic processes can help us to see and respond consciously to what limits us, whether from within, in stakeholder relationships and beyond.

Using constellations, we helped a Board of Medical Professionals reframe their relationship to South Africa’s health needs. We’ve helped employees of a large mining company better understand the dynamics of their housing policies. A multinational consumer goods company found it easier to reflect on its cultural barriers to change. A local not-for-profit understood why their vision was not doing its job. We explored the food-water-energy nexus with stakeholders from government, NGOs and business. And more.

Ignoring dynamics, complexity and tricky relationships invites them to assert themselves at the least convenient time.

Nedbank Foundation
Managing the CSI spend of one of South Africa’s largest banks

Incite shared strategy tools to help Nedbank Foundation align their portfolio with recent Shared Value thinking. Our conversation focused on the power dynamics inherent in the relationship between a corporate group and foundation; and between their personal roles as foundation employees and activists. Incite’s relationship with Nedbank Group spans more than a decade. We facilitate a periodic thinking space for the corporate sustainability team, reflecting on progress, frustrations and new opportunities.

Discovery Limited
South African based global financial services group, with a strong Shared Value legacy

With the publication of Porter and Kramer’s 2011 Creating Shared Value, CEO Adrian Gore found a name for Discovery’s behaviour-based approach to insurance. As the group stepped into global leadership with Shared Value Insurance, we shifted a seven-year advisory partnership with the sustainability team into coaching mode. Team and Executive Coaching sessions reflect critically on the group’s delivery of value to society, as well as the personal implications of guiding this journey effectively.

Working with Incite has deepened my knowledge of shared value conceptually, but more importantly has allowed me the space to understand my role and contribution within the company.
Kathleen Ebersohn-Khuvutlu, Senior Sustainability Specialist

Action Volunteers Africa
Non-profit organisation tackling South African youth unemployment

A strategic constellation helped the AVA team better understand their vision and options to move ahead. We have also undertaken team coaching on personal power for AVA volunteers, providing executive coaching for the founder.

The constellation work helped us steer ourselves back to our true vision and I found the executive coaching from Nicola invaluable. She supported me in my wish to hand over the organisation to new leadership with as little disruption as possible.
Lisa Garson, AVA Founder