Client results

Our clients are some of the biggest, best-run and highest performing organisations, based or working in frontier and emerging markets. They share a common conviction that shared value offers a pathway to growth and competitiveness in their present or future marketplace.

  • Companies: Anglo American, Deutsche Bank, Discovery, Engen, Impala Platinum, Investec, MMI Holdings, MTN, Pick n Pay, Sanlam, Sasol, Telecom Egypt, The Foschini Group, Vodacom
  • Multinational organisations: GIZ, Global Reporting Initiative, ISO, ILO, UN Global Compact, UNCTAD, World Bank
  • Nongovernmental organisations: National Business Initiative, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, WWF


Development finance: Linking sustainability to the business strategy


As a development finance institution, Land Bank’s business strategy clearly included social objectives. Yet many managers still regarded sustainability as a greening programme, with little to contribute to their core task of delivering finance to farmers.

  1. We engaged the sustainability team to workshop a detailed materiality analysis
  2. This was followed by a dialogue with the executive team, enabling them to develop a shared perspective on what sustainability meant for the bank
  3. Day-long training sessions for 50 senior managers used active dialogue, simulations and sector-relevant case studies to inspire and inform the functional area leadership
  4. Finally, based on feedback from delegates, we provided a review of the project and set of recommendations
  1. Senior Land Bank teams agreed that finance for farmers offered a clear shared value proposition in itself – and contributed a core aspect of their social value proposition
  2. How they provided this finance – and who it was directed to – would determine their ability to deliver social value at greater scale
  3. “Greening”, governance and managing human capital were seen as important enablers of this innovation process
  4. Overall delegate rating of the training intervention: 86%