Exploring iMfolozi wilderness as a catalyst for innovation (24-30 September, 2014)

We have long regarded deep nature as the ultimate source of creativity. And we know … morearrows

Training with international systemic constellations facilitator, Stefan Hausner (12-14 September, 2014)

Nicola and Toni will attend a three-day training with international facilitator, Stefan Hausner, in Cape … morearrows

Chairing an investor panel on integrated reporting with IIRC CEO Paul Druckman, Cape Town (21 August, 2014)

Jonathon is chairing an investor-led panel discussion on integrated reporting <IR>, on Thursday 21 August, at … morearrows

Talking shared value strategy at international executive programme, Johannesburg (19 August, 2014)

Jonathon is running a session on sustainable development and shared value strategy as part of the … morearrows

Joining faculty for the CISL Sustainability Practitioners Seminar, Durban (18-20 August, 2014)

Incite’s long-standing relationship with Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership continues with Nicola joining the CISL … morearrows

Attending the Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching training in Joburg (14-15 August, 2014)

Our experience in implementing shared value in organisations has highlighted the valuable role of team coaching. As … morearrows

Youth volunteers learn shared value leadership skills (7 August, 2014)

We continue our engagement with Action Volunteers Africa, teaching twenty youth recruits about shared value leadership in Cape … morearrows

Attending the African Leadership Forum 2014 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (31 July, 2014)

Incite is honoured to attend this meeting with a number distinguished African leaders, including H.E. Benjamin … morearrows

Promoting shared value in the finance sector in Botswana (15 July, 2014)

Incite director Nicola is working with a multinational banking client, exploring options for delivering shared … morearrows

Promoting reporting & shared value strategies in East Africa

Jonathon is in Kigali, Rwanda, for ten days (7-14 July, 2014) as part of a GIZ-funded project … morearrows

Access to sanitation in Africa: joining Reciprocity at the BoP Learning Lab (12 June, 2014)

African Sanitation is an innovative business that has developed a basic sanitation system with immediate … morearrows

Presenting on shared value at the FSC/WWF business forum in Sandton (2 June, 2014)

Recently returned from the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York, Nicola will share some … morearrows

Attending the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York City (13-15 May, 2014)

This week, Nicola joins more than 300 shared value practitioners from around the world at … morearrows

Incite back in Rwanda exploring the potential for shared value strategies (5-9 May, 2014)

Jonathon is back in Kigali, Rwanda, this week (5 – 9 May, 2104) meeting with … morearrows

Incite in Paris for sustainability reporting expert workshop (15-16 April, 2014)

Jonathon is in Paris this week as a contributor to an expert validation workshop held … morearrows

Incite director chairs panel at SA launch of IIRC Framework Document (8 April, 2014)

Jonathon is chairing a panel discussion on materiality at the launch this week of the … morearrows

Youth volunteers learn shared value leadership skills (10 April, 2014)

Thirty Action Volunteers Africa recruits braved sweltering temperatures in Lansdowne, Cape Town, last week to … morearrows

Attending a workshop on unlocking organisational innovation through systemic practice (1-2 April, 2014)

A rainy day at Onze Rust, Stellenbosch. Nicola joins a circle of creative catalysts at … morearrows

Join Incite director Nicola Robins at the Proudly for Purpose Telesummit (26 March, 2014)

Nicola joins a panel of 12 thought leaders on ‘demystifying the purpose economy’. The telesummit … morearrows

Exploring shared value opportunities in East Africa (17-21 March, 2014)

Jonathon is in Kigali, Rwanda, this week (17-21 March, 2104) as part of a GIZ-funded … morearrows

Incite contributes to Cambridge University Sustainability Practitioner Seminar (11 March, 2014)

Jonathon is contributing to the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership‘s  Sustainability Practitioners Seminar on 11 March, 2014. … morearrows

Incite launches CDP South Africa Water Report 2013 (10 & 14 March, 2014)

Incite Director, Jonathon Hanks, and Irbaris Managing Partner, David Hampton, are launching the CDP South … morearrows

Attending the NBI/UNGC session on “how African CEOs view sustainability” (6 March, 2014)

The National Business Initiative (as the representative for the United Nations Global Compact in South … morearrows

Incite in Maputo, Mozambique, coaching on shared value in the logistics sector (3-4 March, 2014)

Nicola Robins elected to the Affiliates Advisory Board of the Shared Value Initiative (26 February 2014)

The Shared Value Initiative is a global community of practice committed to driving the adoption and implementation … morearrows