Join the People’s March Against Corruption (30 September, 2015)

Corruption destroys value. It is the ultimate trade-off between financial and social capital. It eats away at people’s hopes and aspirations. Tens of thousands of people will be marching in Pretoria and Cape Town against corruption in South Africa.

We agree with David Lewis of Corruption Watch that SA business has a huge stake in the anti corruption struggle. In his words:

“It is widely held that the greatest cost of corruption is not that which is counted in monetary terms, but rather that which affects the performance, credibility and public standing of key institutions, including business firms. The consequences of a public that does not trust those who bake its bread, build its houses, guard its savings and supply its medicines should not be underestimated. At the very least, it is a sure recipe for the rise of populist governments that will use their considerable powers against business.

Incite will be marching in Cape Town.


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