Attending the Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching training in Joburg (14-15 August, 2014)

Our experience in implementing shared value in organisations has highlighted the valuable role of team coaching. As part of our learning in evolving shared value coaching, Nicola is attending a two-day training in Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching Fundamentals.

Based on Systems Theory, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active Coaching and Taoism, the course explores a systemic model for coaching teams, families, couples and organisations.

At its core is an evolution of the principles of Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself), and Social Intelligence (relationship with other) to Relationship Systems Intelligence, where the focus is on the collective wisdom of the group, team or system.

For information about forthcoming courses, contact Mish Middelman (Sourh Africa) or CRR Global.

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