What is CSR? Some views from the street

By Lauren Hermanus (24 Aug 2010)

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Businesses say they are doing it; governments are demanding it; ISO has just published an international standard on it; and consultants, analysts and civil society organisations are calling for it.

But who are corporations responsible to? The list includes:

> Society in which the business operates
> Citizens of the countries in which businesses generate profits
> Company employees
> Government

And, do these parties understand what this means and what’s being done about it?

The Incite team took to the streets of Cape Town to see what people think of CSR, whether they trust big South African businesses to be responsible, and what people think the role of business is, in the development of South Africa.

Have a watch. Interesting things are being said.

Incite CSR Vox Pops with the public in Cape Town

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